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    Another 20 minutes to kill sweetie," she told the girl. Beth carefully trimmed the pubic hair on Linda's bush. Her face was inches from Linda's pussy and she wanted to bury her face in it so bad she could barely stand it. She glanced up and saw that Linda's eyes were closed and one hand was stroking her breast, making the nipple stand up. She continued trimming and noticed Linda was getting damp. She just couldn't help herself, leaning closer she licked Linda and heard a soft moan from her. Feeling braver now, she continued licking the beautiful ...

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Patting Fran on the ass en passant as she bent over a nicely erect tool, towards them. Elaine followed, unwilling to pass up the chance of getting closer to Mrs Lord who took the cup from the she-males hand without batting an eyelid at her waving protuberance. "Now Gordon," she whispered, holding the chalice at an angle before his crotch, "cum!" He spat in his hand, briskly stroked his cock and groaned as a spurt of cum splashed into the bottom of the cup. His mother crooned her approval and sucked a misplaced ...

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